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Welcome to BabyBloomers, Pretoria! If you're on this site you are probably a new mom or dad-to-be. Congratulations! This is an exciting new chapter of life. As a health professional and mother of 4 children (including twins) I know what it feels like; exciting but daunting! 

I love helping parents grow in confidence as their knowledge of birth, breastfeeding and early parenting grows both before and after the baby is born. Let us know how we can help you on your journey as a parent...



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Childbirth & Early Parenting Preparation Classes

This 5-week course for both expectant parents covers the following topics:

Birth: How does birth work (mechanism and stages), How do contractions work, Understanding and coping with pain, Breathing techniques, Interventions and complications to Normal Birth including Caesarian Section. Positions for birthing, role of your partner...

After Birth: Feeding your baby (Breastfeeding), skin-to-skin care, coping with prematurity, postnatal warning signs (including depression), sleep for mom and baby, baby bathing and general care, adjusting to being a parent, going back to work, sexuality after childbirth, intentional parenting.

Classes run one evening per week for 2 hours 15 min including refreshment break. Venue is in Pretoria East near Rigel Avenue. Presenter is qualified and accredited.

“As a first time mom I felt this course has given me so much confidence in birthing and caring for my baby” Mel

“Very informative- a must for new parents! Put me at ease about being a Dad!”  Werner

“I would recommend this to every new parent. I can’t believe that I originally thought [these classes] are not necessary and that I knew enough. Definitely one of the highlights during my pregnancy” Charné

“Very insightful and lots of fun. A must for every mom and dad to be” Janine

Postnatal Home Visits

The first few weeks after the birth of a baby are usually very overwhelming and require significant adjustment. Many countries in Europe as well as the United Kingdom provide a series of 'Postnatal Home Visits' to assess how Mom & Baby are adjusting and what areas they may need help in. ‘BabyBloomers’ provides a similar service.   Many families find that even one home visit is enough to boost their confidence & promote continued breastfeeding in the first ‘bumpy’ weeks. A similar assessment can be done at ‘BabyBloomers’ depending on a mother’s flexibility with travelling.

Pre-Birth Breastfeeding Consultation

Perhaps your breastfeeding experience with your first child didn’t get off to a great start and you’d like to plan a better start with the next baby, or you’re close to your due date and missed childbirth preparation classes? This personalized consultation will build your confidence and knowledge about breastfeeding.

Introduction to Solids Workshop

This workshop is aimed at mothers who are still on maternity leave but have not yet started introducing their baby to solid food. The session will help answer the following questions:

  • When to start solid food
  • Why introduce solids to your baby
  • How to start solid food
  • What food to start with
  • How best to cook your baby’s food

Breastpump Rental & Sales

We provide purchase and rental options of a well known and reliable breastpump brand.
Please contact us if you need more information.